Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I don't want to be a Maths Teacher

Before I started my maths degree I braced myself for the inevitable question "why maths?"

That's okay, maths isn't everyones favorite subject - but as it turns out the more popular question is "do you want to be a Maths teacher?"...


Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with teaching, in fact it might be cool to be a lecturer one day... but it makes me sad that people think learning maths is only good for teaching maths.

It's like the definition of Recursion: see Recursion; a tragic cycle of futility; a perpetual motion machine that affects nothing and goes nowhere.


I want to shout out from the roof tops - don't people realize that maths is the basis of all technology and human advancement?

Economically, math brings order to chaos. The steady job, the home (or mortgage), even food on the table and clothes on our backs - thank maths. Too melodramatic? Google the Great Depression sometime.

Math heals us when we are sick. Statistical drug trials determine what medicine works, mathematical models of the human body are used by doctors and physiotherapists to determine better techniques for recovery.

I won't even get started on computers or civil construction.

Above all, maths is eloquent, philosophical and beautiful. It changes your perceptions and makes you appreciate everyday life even more.


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